How to Let Go of Your Clothes

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to the blog. In today’s post, I’d like to address and expand upon a comment I received on a recent Google+ post. If you’re not following me there, what are you waiting for? 🙂

I posted this picture  and received the comment shown below it:

Snapshot from the current video I’m editing. It’s a picture of myself carrying out the last of the clothes I agave away when transitioning to minimalism. After this point, getting rid of the unnecessary has become less and less difficult. Blog post coming soon on when it’s time to #declutter. Stay tuned!

Screenshot (12-10PM, Jun 03, 2016).jpg

I think many people find it difficult to simply just give away their clothes. Clothing is so essential to us- we live in it. For some, clothing may represent prestige, wealth, status, or express who the person feels they are. Clothing can hold memories and evoke strong emotions from us. It can be difficult to let go of your clothing when you have this mindset. I will admit, I truly adore clothing myself, but I never would establish my identity in something so fleeting and material. At the end of the day, clothing is just clothing. While we may thoroughly enjoy wearing, styling, and admiring our clothing, we shouldn’t become too overly attached to it. We are more than just our exterior and what we adorn it with.

High accumulation of clothing has become the norm, with many content creators conducting large clothing hauls on YouTube, and showcasing their abundant collection of clothing in their closet tours. Seeing this may make you think that you have to have a plethora of clothing to be fabulous like they are, but this is not necessarily the case. Consider that these bloggers are just doing their jobs, and exposing you to options that you may have not before seen, providing inspiration. It is highly likely that they have been sent these items for free. I’m not knocking taking delight in your wardrobe, I just  want to encourage you to maintain a healthy relationship with your clothing, keeping the capacity to let it go when the time comes. If you can relate to this post, share your experience down in the comments; I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for reading.

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