Denim Capsule: The Only Jeans You’ll Ever Need | STYLE

Hello All, and welcome to my new blog!

So, although the minimalist trend is on the uptick, I think this term can be used quite loosely and is up for interpretation. My interpretation of this trend that so intrigues me is what I have coined for myself as “Essentialism,”that is, deciding for myself essential items for my wardrobe, etcetera- that make me feel comfortably and contently complete- but at a limited quantity. Thus began my quest to architect my essentialist wardrobe (I’m so extra)!

So, one of my initial areas was denim- I was finding my denim assortment limited and ill-fitting, and so it was time for an upgrade. I found this article which served as the inspiration for my collection… I feel so great about these 7 pair of jeans, no FOMO whatsoever! The key is to get stylish denim that isn’t too trendy with a classic feel. This will allow you to wear them through the ages!

 The Skinny

The everyday, every way classic. My pick: Levi’s 529 Curvy Skinny

The Boyfriend

For the days you just want an effortless, easy breezy. My pick: Levi’s

The Rebel

Throw these on when you’re feeling the edge. My pick: Soho Babe Skinny Heavy Destroyed Denim

The Shorty

A simple throw-on for summer days. My pick: Charter Club Chambray Shorts (thrifted, similar here)

The LBJ (Little Black Jeans, not the former president 😉 )

A svelte, sexy alternative to your darker denim. My pick: Torn Avalanche High Waist Skinny Jeans


The LWJ (Little White Jeans)

A standout pair that’s sure to elevate any ensemble. My Pick: Top Trends Knee Hole Skinny Jeans

The Flare (WOOOOO!!! for all my fellow WWE fans 😉 )

Stunner blast from the past. Curve accentuator. My pick: Vibrant M.I.U. Jango Flared High Waist Denim

With these pairs of denim in your wardrobe, you can never go wrong. What is your denim capsule comprised of? Comment down below.

Until next time,




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