Classic Makeup: Winged Liner & Red Lips

(↑↑↑Watch me complete this makeup look↑↑↑)

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

First off, I want to say, sorry I’ve been away so long. Being sick put me behind a bit. Anyhow, enough about that. On to the tutorial!

In this first tutorial, I will go a bit in-depth about the products I use and why. I definitely don’t consider myself a guru, and I am still learning myself. Below I will discuss each step, as well as list all products used.


– Prime

Ecotools Skin Perfecting Brush & SheaMoisture Primer

To create a barrier between my skin and my makeup, that will also give my makeup long-lasting capabilities, and  fill in my pores to give a flawless finish, I first use this brush to apply this primer all over my face.

– Conceal

Ecotools Eye Perfecting Brush & SheaMoisture Color Correcting, Contouring & Highlighting Palette in Medium Dark

To conceal and correct my imperfections, I use the corrective shade with orange-y undertone in this palette and pat  it over all of my problem areas.

– Lay the Base

Ecotools Buffing Brush & SheaMoisture Sheer Foundation in Matira Taupe + PuraLogica Blush in Amber (discontinued, similar color shown here)

To even out my skin tone and give it a dewy finish, I mix this blush with my foundation, and buff it into my skin. Adding the blush gives the appearance of having used an illuminating product, leaving my complexion with that gorgeous glow.

– Set the Base

Ecotools Stippling Brush & SheaMoisture Pressed Powder in Tasman Tawny

To lock in my foundation, I set it with a pressed powder that is the same shade as my skin tone. I buff the product into my skin lightly in circular motions.

– Warm & Define 

Ecotools Angled Kabuki Brush &  PuraLogica Mineral Foundation in Deep (discontinued, similar shade here)

To bring the warmth and dimension back to my face that was lost when evening out my skin tone with foundation, I reach for a foundation that is a few shades darker than my complexion, and apply it to my face in a “3” formation on either side- over the temples, under the cheek bones, and then under the jaw line. I also add this product to the sides and bottom of my nose.

– Give it Life – 

Ecotools Finishing Kabuki Brush & Just Pure Minerals Apricot Blush

I apply this blush to the apples of my cheeks and work my  way back to my temples. This brush gives me a soft, natural application, which is appropriate for this dressier day-time look.

Eyes: Brows

– Prep –

Ecotools Spoolie

Before filling in my brows, I like to brush them into place with this tool. I first brush them up, and then brush the hairs toward the tail end of my brow.

– Fill-In –

I used the powder side of this duo to give a a more soft, natural look to my brows. Starting towards the middle of my brows, I darken them throughout and lighten my hand when approaching the beginning of my brow to give them that natural look that I am going for.

– Finish –

Ecotools Lash & Brow Groomer

To prevent my eyebrows from appearing too harsh, I brush the product through them to soften them up to look as natural as possible.


I applied mascara to both my top and bottom lashes- about 2 coats. I actually don’t particularly care for it, and am looking for a staple natural mascara that gives me length and volume. Any ideas? Leave them down in the comments below!


– Prime –

The All Natural Face Eye Shadow Primer in Dark Buff

I used my finger to apply my primer all over my lid. I do this to warm the product due to its thick consistency, and give it more blend-ability. This primer will give more pigmentation to my shadows, and help them to stay on all day.

– Crease –

Ecotools Highlighting Brush from the Essential Eye Set & Puralogica Loose Mineral Foundation in Deep

To first deepen and add dimension to my crease, I used my bronzer/contour shade that I previously used on my face.

– Mobile Lid –

For my lids, I patted this flesh-toned matte shadow all over the lids and stopped just before the crease.

– Highlight –

Ecotools Petite Eyeshading Brush & Beautifully  Addictive Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Lace

To bring light and open up the eyes, I added this loose mineral satin eye shadow to my inner tear duct, brow bone, and water line. When applying to my water line, I wet my Ecotools Flat Liner Brush with my DIY makeup setting spray to given the shadow a bit more pop.

– Line –

SheaMoisture Liquid Liner in Charcoal Black

I added a winged liner along my top lash line. Starting from the middle of the eye, I proceeded to flick the line out to my outer corner. I then went into my inner corner and brought the line up to connect it to the rest of the line.


– Line & Fill –

Jordana Cosmetics EasyLiner for Lips in Sedona Red

On my lips I used this liner to give me lasting, pigmented color. First I lined my lips, then I proceeded to fill them in as well.

–  Gloss –

To finish off the lips, I dabbed on some gloss to give my lips a bit of shine.

And here’s the finished look:


That’s all for my first makeup look! What kind of makeup do you consider classic?

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      Yes! It made me so happy! Mineral/natural makeup for women of color can be difficult to find for all our tones and hues 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

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